Ag Production Company is committed to meeting your agronomic needs. Over the past two decades, AgPro has become the trusted source for crop protection and fertility products. We operate under the philosophy that while sales help the bottom line, it's the business relationships that build a company.

That is why we take pride in our support staff. We believe that we have the best group of PCA's and CCA's in the central valley. You can trust that their recommendations are not only based on the latest research, but are field tested and proven. And, as a locally owned independent company, our sales staff isn't pressured to push one line of products. Instead, we believe in timely recommendations of the correct products to address our customers' individual needs.

AgPro is dedicated to raising your expectations beyond that of other local Ag retailers. Customers should expect high yields, lower costs per unit of production, seamless deliveries, and confusion free invoicing. And we expect to deliver.


Kent Johnson